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每週常用英文練習句:  What’s your plan for the weekend?  你週未有什麼計畫? 

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Smile" is the best medicine in the world


















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Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity.” -Albert Einstein

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  –Robert Frost

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’ -Jeffrey Bezos

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. –Michael Jordan

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. –John Lennon

We become what we think about. –Earl Nightingale

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. –John Maxwell

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. –Mark Twain

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.  Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” – Brian Tracy





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(Alison Gold唱)
After balling, I go clubbing 打完球後我去跑趴
Then I’m hugging 然後又抱抱
Then I’m hungry and I’m walking on the street 然後餓著肚子逛大街
And I’m getting getting getting getting grumpy grumpy 然後變得變得變得變得有點不爽不爽
I see Chow, by my right 頭往右撇,突然看到「炒」字
I smell food in the air 我聞到空氣中食物的味道
It’s Chinese Food, my favorite 是中國菜,我的最愛!
So I’m getting getting getting getting hungry 所以肚子有點有點有點有點餓

(Chorus x2 副歌2次)
I love Chinese food (Yeah) 我愛中國菜 (耶)
You know that it’s true (Yeah) 你知道是真的 (耶)
I love fried rice (Yeah) 我愛炒飯 (耶)
I love noodles (Yeah) 我愛麵 (耶)
I love Chow mein 我愛炒麵
Chow Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mein 炒ㄇ-ㄇ-ㄇ-ㄇ-麵

Read the menu 看下菜單
They got broccoli 他們有花椰菜
Even chicken wings 也有雞翅
Make it spicy 做成辣的
And you like it 你會喜歡
Cause it’s beautiful 因為這真美妙
And it tastes so so so good 而且吃起來真-真-真-好
I like their egg rolls 我喜歡蛋捲
And their Wonton soup 還有餛飩湯
This makes me feel so so good 讓我感覺真正好
Fortune cookies, tell my future 中國簽餅預知我的未來
Chinese Chinese Food 中國中國菜

(Chorus x2 回到副歌2次)

(Patrice Wilson唱)
Yo! 唷!
I like Chinese food 我喜歡中國菜
And some Wonton soup 還有餛飩湯
Get me broccoli 給我花椰菜
While I play Monopoly 玩大富翁時
Don’t be a busy bee 就別忙了
Cause it’s your fantasy 因為這是你最美妙的體驗
To eat Chinese food 能夠吃到中國菜
Egg roll and Chop Suey 蛋捲和雜碎 (一道美洲中國菜名為「李鴻章雜碎」)
I use the chopsticks 我用筷子
To eat pot sticks 吃鍋貼
Put some hot sauce and sweet and sour make it sweet 加點辣加點甜又加點酸讓他更美味
Because Chinese food takes away my stress 因為中國菜消除我的一切壓力
Now I’m going to go eat Panda Express 現在我要去吃熊貓快餐 (美國連鎖中國餐館名)

(Chorus x2回到副歌2次)




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Use your cannon to fire different projectiles at the buildings! Try to make everything collapse and make sure that not a single monster survives! Can you earn a gold medal?



mouse Aim (click to shoot)




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  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌


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  玩遊戲學英文-爆炸建築公司 益智



  玩遊戲學英文- 僵屍英雄  動作

  玩遊戲學英文-決戰王室- 免費防守FLASH-GAME

2013-10-13   玩遊戲學英文-免費flash訓練停車小遊戲  
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  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌

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  • 紅 Red
  • 澄 Orange
  • 黃 Yellow
  • 綠 Green
  • 藍 Blue
  •  Indigo
  • 紫 Violet




想玩更多英文遊戲學英文嗎: 請到 - 常用英文你才不會忘記Blog玩遊戲學英文系列








  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌


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You're going to demolish buildings in Blow & Raze! Place your dynamite on strategic points on the building and start the explosion. If the blue marker ends up below the green marker you will advance to the next level!

mouse Place dynamite
space Start explosion
1,2,3 Select dynamite
esc,P Pause
R Restart level





想玩更多英文遊戲學英文嗎: 請到 - 常用英文你才不會忘記Blog玩遊戲學英文系列








  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌


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You've been created with only one goal: destroy all zombies! Use different combinations of attacks and collect as many coins as possible to increase your character's abilities even more! Can you achieve the highest score?



left,right Move
up Jump
down Crouch
D Quick attack
S Strong attack
A Magic attack
W Block
esc,P,space Pause



想玩更多英文遊戲學英文嗎: 請到 - 常用英文你才不會忘記Blog玩遊戲學英文系列




  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌




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Various castles in the kingdom are being attacked by numerous vicious creatues! Set out a strategic plan and decide which of your allies should fight the enemy. Can you complete the 21 challenging bonus-missions?


mouse Send/move allies
cursors Move camera
P Pause





想玩更多英文遊戲學英文嗎: 請到 - 常用英文你才不會忘記Blog玩遊戲學英文系列








  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌


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Dismissed from drama school with a note that read wasting your time. 
She's too shy to put her best foot forward. 
[Lucille Ball]露西兒·鮑爾是美國著名的喜劇女演員,在她的一生中,她一直活躍在電影、電視、舞台、電台等各種媒體上,成為了美國文化一個時代的象徵。
Turned down by the Decca recording company who said we don't like their  sound and guitar music is on the way out. 
[The Beatles]披頭四樂團被公認為英國音樂在1960年代「英國入侵」美國的代表樂團。
A failed soldier, farmer and real estate agent, at 38 years old he went to work for his father as a handyman.
[Ulysses S. Grant] 尤利西斯·S·格蘭特,生於美國俄亥俄州一個小業主的家庭,為美國軍事家、政治家,第18任總統。
Cut from the high school basketball team, he went home, locked himself in his room and cried. 
[Michael Jordan]麥可‧傑佛瑞‧喬丹是前美國NBA職業籃球運動員。
Teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything and he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality.
[Thomas Edison] 湯瑪斯·阿爾瓦·愛迪生,美國發明家、商人,擁有眾多重要的發明專利,被傳媒授予「門洛帕克的奇才」。
Fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and had no original ideas.
[Walt Disney]華特迪士尼全名為華特爾·伊利亞斯·迪士尼,他是華特迪士尼公司的創始人。
His fiance died. He failed in business twice. He had a nervous breakdown and he was cheated in eight elections.
[Abraham Lincoln]亞伯拉罕·林肯,美國政治人物,第16任美國總統,其總統任內,美國爆發內戰,史稱南北戰爭。

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Drunk Idiot Dances, Takes Off Pants,

Drops a Split and Rips Hamstring.

Oh the look on his face at the end says it all.

Hey guys, just remember, never try and impress a crowd by doing

a split, especially if you are over 30






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  常用旅遊英文  常用英文字典 實用發音矯正 常用英文基礎1000單字 常用英文縮寫




另外在你去面試之前最好先練習寫一下 Job Application Form,這裡有範本可以直接下載練習(

The 50 Most Common Interview Questions:

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. Why are you interested in working for [insert company name here]?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
  5. Why do you want to leave your current company?
  6. Why was there a gap in your employment between [insert date] and [insert date]?
  7. What can you offer us that someone else can not?
  8. What are three things your former manager would like you to improve on?
  9. Are you willing to relocate?
  10. Are you willing to travel?
  11. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
  12. Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  13. What is your dream job?
  14. How did you hear about this position?
  15. What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the job?
  16. Discuss your resume.
  17. Discuss your educational background.
  18. Describe yourself.
  19. Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.
  20. Why should we hire you?
  21. Why are you looking for a new job?
  22. Would you work holidays/weekends?
  23. How would you deal with an angry or irate customer?
  24. What are your salary requirements?
  25. Give a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project.
  26. Who are our competitors?
  27. What was your biggest failure?
  28. What motivates you?
  29. What’s your availability?
  30. Who’s your mentor?
  31. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss.
  32. How do you handle pressure?
  33. What is the name of our CEO?
  34. What are your career goals?
  35. What gets you up in the morning?
  36. What would your direct reports say about you?
  37. What were your bosses’ strengths/weaknesses?
  38. If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?
  39. Are you a leader or a follower?
  40. What was the last book you’ve read for fun?
  41. What are your co-worker pet peeves?
  42. What are your hobbies?
  43. What is your favorite website?
  44. What makes you uncomfortable?
  45. What are some of your leadership experiences?
  46. How would you fire someone?
  47. What do you like the most and least about working in this industry?
  48. Would you work 40+ hours a week?
  49. What questions haven’t I asked you?
  50. What questions do you have for me?







常用的英文郵件用語 Email





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常用英文縮寫50句(Facebook 臉書適用)




lol = laugh out loud 笑的很大聲

rolf = roll on floor laughing 笑倒在地上滾

lmao = laugh my ass off 把屁股笑掉 (...!?) XD 

lmfao = laugh my ******* ass off (比較誇張 同上)


wtf = what the fu*k 搞屁阿

wth = what the hell 什麼鬼

mf = mother fu*ker 幹你媽

sob = son of bitch 狗娘養的

stfu - shut the f*ck up 閉上你的鳥嘴
asap = as soon as possible 越快越好

afaik = as far as I know 就我所知

aka = also known as 也被稱做

afk = away from keyboard 暫離

atm = at the moment 現在

atk = attack 攻擊

b4 = before 之前

bbl = be back later 馬上回來

bbs = be back soon 馬上回來

brb = be right back 馬上回來

brt = be right there 馬上過去

btw = by the way 突然想起

char = character 角色

cu / cya = see you 再見

cuz/ cus/ cause = because 因為
da = the

dat = that 那個

dun = don't 不要

dunno = dont know 不知道

ea = each 每個

ftw = for the win 最好的 王道 

gl = good luck 祝你好運 (不是女女...)

gratz/ grats = congratulations 恭喜

gtg/ g2g = got to go 要離開了

gm = good morning 早安

gn = good night 晚安

hav = have 有

ic = i see 了解

imo = in my opinion 在我看來

jk = just kidding/ joking 開玩笑

n = and 和

nite = night 晚安 (晚上)

no = know 知道

np/no prob = no problem 不客氣

nvm = never mind 沒關係

o = oh 喔

omg = oh my god 我的天阿

omw = on my way 在路上了

plz/ pls = please 請
pm = private message 私人留言

rdy/ rtg = ready/ ready to go 準備好了

rite = right 同意 沒錯

sec = second 等一下(一秒鐘)

sry = sorry 抱歉 對不起

sup/ wassup = what's up (打招呼)

sux = sucks 糟透

tbh = to be honest 說真的

thx = thanks 謝謝

tmr = tomorrow 明天

ty = thank you 謝謝你

u = you
ur = your 你的

wat/wts = what/what's

xxxing = xxxin (例 going = goin)
【非縮寫 常用區】
ive = i have 我有

2 = to/too

gonna = going to 正要 要去

kinda = kind of 有點...

w/ = with

wanna = want to 想要


ahaha = 阿哈哈 ( = = )

er = 呃...

oops = 阿!! (慘了)

oh = 喔

hm/ hmm = 恩...

uh/uhm = 呃恩

yeah/ yup = 同意 沒錯 (有時會用ya ya也可當"耶") 


WTB:want to buy,我想要購買

WTS:want to sell,我想要出售

WTT:want to trade,我想要交換


AOE:area of effect,有範圍傷害的法術

AE:arcane explosion {法師的範圍傷害法術} 或 area effect (意同 AOE)


Aggro Radius:引怪的距離

ar:attack rate 攻擊率



Carebear:喜歡幫助人打怪而不 pvp 的玩家

cc:character control,控制怪、角色的法術 控場

cs:Counter-Spell (Silence),沈默

crit:critical hit,致命傷害

cw:colony war,領地戰

DD:direct damage,直接傷害


DOT:damage over time,會連續在固定的時間內造成傷害的法術

DPS:damage per second,每秒平均的傷害

De-Buff:取消 buff 的法術

dr:defend rate 防禦率

FH:full health,滿血

FM:full mana,魔法值全滿

HP:health point,血量

HoT:Healing over Time,在一定的時間內持續性的補血

KOS:kill on sight,看到就會追殺你

KS:kill steal,竊殺、偷怪

loot:掉寶 打怪掉的裝備 掉落物

LFG:look for group,找尋隊伍

LOM:low of mana,魔法值即將用完

LOS:line of sight,視線


mt:main tank 坦怪的角色 tank 有坦 吸住 的意思



OOM:out of mana,魔法值用完

PK:player killing,殺玩家


PST:please sent tell,請傳訊給他

PSW:please sent whisper,請私下傳訊,同上



PVP:player vs player,玩家 vs 玩家








 要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌



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 另推薦:  常用英文縮寫(線上遊戲適用)


  1.  Fb : Facebook                               腀書
SOS: Someone on Shoulder   有人在我背後
POS: Parents Over shoulder  我老爸,老媽在我背後

  4. BRB : Be right back             馬上回來囉
LOL: Laugh out loud                  笑死我了!
LMAO: Laugh my Ass off         笑到我沒力了!
SD : Sweet dreams                      祝好夢
Gn : Good night                            晚安嘿!
WTH : What the hell                  什麼鬼啊..
LMK : Let me know                    告訴我吧~
TTYL : Talk to you later            等我一下喔,(等會聊~)
N : And                                               與~~ 
BFF : Best female Friend/ Best Friends forever      最好的女性朋友 - 永遠最好的朋友
 kk : ok                                                  好的
Kl : Cool                                               酷喔 
 BMT : Before my time                    在我之前
w8 : Wait                                           等等~
OMG: OH my god!                         我的天啊!
ASAIC: As soon as I can               我會儘快處理.
Ty/Tu: Thank you                         謝謝囉
JFY: Just for you                             只有為你而已!
BBT : Be Back tomorrow            明天再回來!
BF: Boy Friend                                   男朋友  
GF: Girlfriend                                     女朋友
 25. ASAP: As soon as possible            儘快
1NAM : One in a million                萬分之一
 27. ROFL: Rolling on Floor laughing      笑到地上打滾
B4N : Bye for now.                   暫時再見囉 
143: I love you                           我愛你   (1個, 4個,3個字母.)
1432: I love you too                我也愛你 
 2moro: Tomorrow                   明天
2N8 : Tonight                              今晚
 404 : No clue                               沒頭緒嘿
 34. 4Eva: Forever                                永遠
 BOT: Back on Topic                     回到主題上來!
HAND: Have a nice day!           祝你有美好的一天!
HF: Have Fun                               玩的開心一點!  
PM: Private Message                私人訊息
 BTW: By the way                        順便問一下....
B/w:Between                            在二者之間
Zzz: Sleeping                                睡著了~~~
PMSL: Pissing myself laughing.        笑到尿出來了!
WU? : What’s up?                           怎麼啦~~(有麼事嗎?)
TIA: Thanks in advance              先謝謝囉
Abt. : About                                       關於
YSIC: Why should I care             為什麼我要在意咧?
Y : Why or Yes                               為什麼 或 是的  (二種意思)
Wru: Where are you?               你在那裡啊?
WOA: Work of Art                        哇喔! 真是巧奪天工!
TM : Trust me                                 相信我!


你也許會有興趣  常用線上遊戲英文句縮寫





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  要如何背單字的方法 、免費英文聊天室學英文快速矯正英文發音、-常聽到的簡單英文歌



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Hi, we need a table for two, please. 你好﹐我們有兩位。
May we have a table by the window, please? 請給我們一個靠窗的桌子好嗎﹖
We prefer to sit by the window, please. 我們想坐在靠窗的位子。
Can I take this seat? 我可以坐這個位子嗎?
This table would be great. Thank you. 這個位子很好﹐謝謝。
May I have a menu,please? 請給我菜單。
Do you have a menu in chinese? 是否有中文菜單?
What's your special today? 你們今天有什麼特餐﹖
What kind of dish is the most popular here? 這裡最受歡迎的餐點是什麼呢﹖
I'd like to have some local food.我想嘗試一下當地食物。
I don't like spicy food, could your chef make my dishes mild? 我不喜歡辣的菜﹐可以請廚師在我的餐點不加辣嗎﹖
We need more time to decide what to order. 我們還需要一些時間來決定要點什麼。
Sorry, we still don't have any idea of what to order, do you have any suggestions? 對不起﹐我們還是沒有頭緒﹐你有什麼建議嗎﹖
I would like to have the same as the next table. 我想和隔壁桌一樣的菜
OK, we'll start with two glasses of iced tea, each with ice, please. 請先給我們兩杯冰茶,不要太多冰。
Excuse me, I'd like my coffee warmer. Could you please heat up my coffee little bit? Thank you!.請給我熱一點的咖啡

Do you offer any set courses for party of two? 你們有沒有提供2個人的套餐﹖
Could you give me a fork,please. 請你給我一根叉子。
Could you pass me the salt(pepper)? 請把鹽(楜椒)傳給我。
This is not what I ordered. 這不是我點的食物。
Is soda refillable? 汽水可續杯嗎﹖
Some more water please. 請再幫我加些水。
May we have some more napkins? 可以再給我們一些紙巾嗎﹖
We would like to order some desert now. 我們現在想點些甜點。
Excuse me, where the restroom is? 麻煩告訴我廁所在哪裡。
We are ready for the bill now. 我們要買單。
Is the gratuity included in the bill? 小費有包括在帳單裡嗎﹖
Are we supposed to leave tips here? 我們需要付小費嗎﹖
Is American Express(visa or master, travelers' check...)
granted /accepted here? 你們收美國運通卡/visa/master/旅行支票嗎﹖
What type of credit cards do you accept? 你們收那種信用卡呢﹖
Thank you for your service. We really enjoyed it. 謝謝你的服務﹐我們這餐吃得很好。

Can you change this into Rupiah? 請將這些外幣兌換成印尼盾?
I’d like some small change? 請將大鈔換成零錢
Can you tell me what the exchange rate for the Euro?可以請問一下現在的歐元匯率是多少?
Can I cash my traveller's checks here? 我可以在這裡換旅行支票嗎?


1.May I ask ,Where is the baggage claim?
2.One of my bags is missing.
3.Where is the gate 13?
4.What is the purpose of your trip?
5.I am here to sight see/visit family /business.
我是來 觀光/ 訪親 / 商業旅遊.
6.How long do you plan on staying in England?

Is there an airport bus to the city? 這裏有從機場去市中心的巴士嗎 ?
Where is the bus stop (taxi stand)? 巴士車站在哪里 ?
How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi? 乘計程車到市中心需要多少錢
Keep the change, please 不用找錢了
Take me to this address, please 請拉我去這個地址
How long does it take to go to the city centre ? 到市中心需要多長時間?
Stop here, please 請停下來。
What time does it leave? 幾點發車?
Where can I get a ticket? 在哪里賣票?
Could you tell me when we get there? 請問幾點能夠到達那裏。
Could you switch on the meter please? 請打開跳表 謝謝. (計程車)


How much is this? How much are these?  這一個多少錢? / 這些多少錢?
it is too expensive. How about a discount? 太貴了,打個折吧?
it is still too expensive. Give me a better discount.
Is this your final price? 不能再便宜了嗎?
Thank you but I'm just looking. 謝謝,可是我只是看看。
Let me look around a little more. 讓我自己看看

What time do you open/close? 你們幾點營業/打烊?
Where can I change money? 我要哪裏換錢?
Where is the cash desk? 收銀檯在那裏?
Is this tax free? 這免稅嗎?
Do you sell cigarette ? 你有賣煙嗎....?
Can I pay by credit card? 我可不可以用信用卡付帳?

May I try this on? Where is the fitting room? 我可以試穿這個嗎?試穿間在那裡?
Do you have this in another color? 這個有別的顏色嗎?
I want this, but in a large size. 我要大一點的
I would like to take this one. 我要買這個。
Please wrap this for me. 請幫我把這個包起來。
I'm looking for a gift for my friend. 我想要找個禮物送給我朋友。


I'd like to book a (single / double / twin) room for three nights, please. 
我想要訂一間(單人/雙人房大床/雙人房二間床)的房間,三個晚上 謝謝.
Do you have any rooms available this weekend?
Could I book a double room for 3 days from 13th...(日期)..to15th(日期).
Hello. How much is a twin room for 1 night please?
Do you have a bus service from the airport? 有飯店的bus在機場接送嗎?
May I know how to get to your hotel from  xxx Airport .
Your booking is confirmed.你的訂房已經生效了。

I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.我會晚一點到達,請保留所預訂的房間。
I'd like a room with a nice view.我想要一間視野好的房間。
I would like to have a morning Call at 7:00 in the morning.
I'd like to order room service, please.我想要叫客房服務。
Please send another blanket/pillow to my room.請再送一條毯子/枕頭到我房間。
Please bring me some ice cubes and water.請送給我一些冰塊和水。
I'd like an extra bed for room 168.我要在168房多加一張床。
When is check out time? 退房的適合時間?

The air-conditioner (T.V. set、light) doesn't work.冷氣(電視、燈)無法開啟。
There's no running hot water in my room.我房間沒有熱水。
The sheets are dirty.床單很髒。
Where is the emergency exit and staircase? 緊急出口和樓梯在那裏?

What time does the dining room open? 餐廳幾點開始營業?
What time can I have breakfast? 早餐幾點開始供應?
Could you keep my valuables? 是否可代為保管貴重物品?
I'd like to check out. My bill, please.我要退房。請給我帳單。
Is there anything interesting to see nearby? 請問一下附近有什麼好迋的嗎?

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南韓 / 香港 / 新加坡 / 泰國


英國 / 法國 / 德國 / 瑞士 / 馬來西亞 / 澳門 / 瑞典 / 義大利 / 比利時 / 荷蘭 / 阿根廷 / 紐西蘭 / 菲律賓



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Worst exit a parking EVER!







再來比較看看新加坡的停車技術!(英文字幕可以學一些英文 XD)

應觀眾要求再補上免費flash停車小遊戲, 看看有沒有比影片中的車主們厲害啊!  



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Peek-a-boo~ 中文叫做'躲躲猫'  很可愛的萬聖節兒童歌


Walking walking down the street
It is Halloween. Trick or treat!
Costumes, Candy, Me and You.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!
Do you see A witch and A monster!
I see a witch Peek-a-Boo!
I see a monster Peek-a-Boo!
You see me. I see you.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!
Look! THere is vampire! and Mummy!
I see a vampire Peek-a-Boo!
I see a mummy Peek-a-Boo!
You see me. I see you.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!
Let's make a line , go walking ~


Walking walking down the street
It is Halloween. Trick or treat!
Costumes, Candy, Me and You.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!


Look! THere is a black cat! and a werewoof!


I see a black cat Peek-a-Boo!
I see a a werewoof! Peek-a-Boo!
You see me. I see you.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!


Look up there , a bat and a ghost!


I see a bat Peek-a-Boo!
I see a ghost Peek-a-Boo!
You see me. I see you.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!
eveyone sing together


Walking walking down the street
It is Halloween. Trick or treat!
Costumes, Candy, Me and You.
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!
The Halloween Peek-a-Boo!


萬聖節英文怎麼說-Halloween Vocabulary


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[如何快速利用Youtube影片 三十分鐘改變你的英文發音習慣]




1.發音正確的網路英英字典 讓你事半功倍


4.當然如果你的英文實力中級以上推薦可以直接參考"台大免費的英語語音學開放課程" 我覺得史嘉琳老師的語音學課程教導技巧非常好,而且還是免費開放課程!讓你對英文的發音技巧更上一層樓!





實用英文發音單字矯正-第一集如何唸英文數字- NUMBERS 0-10
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "U"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第二集"U"發音- UNIVERSITY --
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "Y"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第三集"Y"發音 YESTERDAY
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "V"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第四集"V" 發音-VERY
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "T"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第五集"T"發音 TOMORROW
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "S"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第六集"S"發音 'Schedule'
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "P"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第七集"P"發音 PROBABLY
(単語補正の実用英語の発音 - "F"の発音)
實用英文發音單字矯正-第八集"F"發音 FAVORITE


相關教學影片來源 :請大家支持   Rachel's English

 小技巧:當你聽累的時候就看看一些勵志的影片休息一下吧logo - 1  


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Today I'm going over how to pronounce numbers 1 through 10.

Actually no, 0 - 10. To begin, zero.

Zero starts with the zz voiced Z sound [z] where the teeth come together: zz.

It then opens into the 'ee' as in 'she' vowel sound [i], ze-, so the jaw drops just a little bit and the corners of the lips pull back: ze-, zero.

It then has the R consonant sound [ɹ], zer-, so the tongue has to move up into that position, zero. And it ends with the 'oh' as in 'no' diphthong [oʊ].

Zero. One. One begins with the W consonant sound [w], so the lips form that very tight circle. O-, it then opens into the 'uh' as in 'butter' vowel sound [ʌ], with that very relaxed drop of the jaw, o-. The tongue then moves up into the N position [n].

One, one. This is pronounced the exact same way as the word won, as in, 'We won the game'. Two starts with the T sound: tt, tt, where the teeth are together, the tongue is behind them, tt, and pulls back to release air.


Two. It then has the 'oo' as in 'boo' vowel sound [u]. Two. And if you'll notice, the lips begin to take that position even - tt - before the T sound. Two, two. And this is pronounced the exact same way as the word too, T-O-O, as in, 'I want to go too'. Or, to, T-O, as in, 'He is going to the store', although to be honest, that word is often reduced to: t'.


He is going t' the store.Three. This begins with the unvoiced TH sound [θ]: th. Make sure your tongue comes through those teeth, it's the only way to make that sound. Th, th, thr-. It then pulls back into the R position. So your tongue will move from being through the teeth to being further up and back.


Thr-. Then the 'ee' as in 'she' vowel sound. Three, three. Four begins with the F sound, so the bottom lip must move up to the top teeth. Four. It then opens into the 'oh' as in 'no' diphthong, four, before moving into the R consonant sound. Four, four.Five. This word begins and ends with this, position of the lip coming up and touching the top teeth. It begins with the F sound, ff, and ends with the V sound, vv. So, the first is unvoiced and the second is voiced. It has the 'ai' as in 'buy' diphthong [aɪ] inbetween. Five, five, five. Notice that the V consonant sound at the end is very short.


Five. Six. Six begins and ends with the S consonant sound, unvoiced, six. The vowel sound is the 'ih' as in 'sit' vowel sound [ɪ]. We then have the K consonant sound, sik- sik-, where the tongue comes up here and pulls away to release air. Sik, six. And then finally, the S consonant sound again to end. Six.Seven also begins with the S consonant sound and opens into the 'eh' as in 'bed' vowel sound [ε]. Se-, se-. It then has the V consonant sound, sev-, where the lip moves up and touches the teeth, sev. And the final syllable is the schwa [ə] followed by the N sound, -en, -en. So the tongue, which is down, pulls up to lightly touch the roof of the mouth, -en, to make the N sound. Seven, seven.Eight. Eight has the 'ay' as in 'say' diphthong [eɪ] followed by the T sound, tt, where you release the air through the teeth, tt, by pulling the tongue away. Eight. This is pronounced the exact same way as the word A-T-E, as in, 'I ate that yesterday'.


Nine. Nine begins and ends with the N consonant sound, nn, nn, where the front part of the tongue is up against the roof of the mouth, nine. And in between those two sounds is the 'ai' as in 'buy' diphthong. Nine, nine. And ten. Ten has the 'eh' as in 'bed' vowel sound after, tt, the T sound: te-, te-, ten. Ten. You can see the tongue then has to move up to touch the roof of the mouth the make the N. Ten.



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