New Exsample 詞性 Tport
Honor On this day we honor our mothers N or Vt N. 尊敬 v.t 給與榮耀
household it is a lage household. n or adj n.一家人 adj 家庭的
poet John Keats was a great poet n 詩人
patriot people pay their respects to the patriots n 愛國者
kingdom it is a huge kingdom. n 王國
defy before I defied my fate v 反抗
drown the young boy was drowned in the river  v 淹死
greatly I was greatly moved by his kindness adv 非常地,大大地
suicide suicide 's bad word for people n 自殺
feast I like the midnight teast in their tent n 宴會
crop farmers grow many kinds of crops in Taiwan n 農作物
catalog did you read this card catalog n 目錄
guide I am a tourist guide n 指南
alphabetical put these words in alphabetical order adv 依字母順序的
author the author of this book is Japanese n 作者
material the writing materials are on the desk n 資料,原料 材料
deposit how much money do you want to deposit 存放
checkbook this is my checkbook n 支票簿
against vote against prep 與…方向相反 ,逆著
weapon we don't have weapons n 武器
section this section of the road is being repaired n 區域,章節 部份
appliance I have electrical appliances in my kitchen n 用具,器具
cosmetics young girls like to keep their cosmetics in. n adj 化妝品
refrigerator a refrigerator keeps food cool. n 冰箱
Instance take another instance n 例子
distance We still have a long distance to go  n 距離
telex telex him to come n 電傳系統
reasonable the price seems reasonable adj 合理的
economical it is not economical to eat out every day adj 節儉的
shorten  drinking too much can shorten one's life. v 縮短
abbreviate dr. is an abbreviation for doctor v 縮寫
military a military school adj 軍事
direct telephone communication is direct and fast adj 直接的
rather the price is rather reasonable adv 相當,在某種程度上
statistics educational statistics n 統計學 or 數據
predict what's your prediction for this election v 預計
election losing the election n 選舉
forecast the weatherman has forecasted a typhoon v 預測
fortune have a good fortune n 運氣 or 命運
electronic mark took an electonic course last year adj 電子的
process it is process  data very quickly v 處理
function a man can"t good function well without a good brain v 有效用
intention it's not my intention to avenge you n 意圖 目的
fixed  fixed according to the lunar calendar adj 按照
lunar Many asian countries use the lunar calendar n 月球的
reunions It's a time for family reunions  n 團聚
commemorate to commemorate the patriotic poet Chu Yuan v 紀念
budget it's necessary to make a buget n 預算
rent the rent in taipei is hight  n 房租
subtract subtract 2 from 6, and you have 4 left  v 減少, 扣除
realize  I realized that I had to get money v 了解 知道
impulse Davy is not a person of impulse n 突然的慾望
within she always stays within her budget  pp 範圍
bear vt he could not bear to see the flowers die Vt(及物) n 具有感情 不忍心
branches they knocked the flowers off their branches n 樹枝
chase my dog likes chasing rabooits Vt(及物)  追趕
hang hung hang it from a large tree. vt or vi 掛著 垂下
bookkeeping Bookkeeping is an important accounting tool n 簿記
essential water is essential to human beings  adj 必要的 極其重要的;不可或缺的,絕對必要的,
equip it use electronic and mechanical equipment v 裝備 裝置
principle Archimedes principle n 原則 原理
accurate Accurate statistics Adj 精確 精準
meticulous she is meticulous in her presentation of facts Adj 細心的
proper proper place Adj 適當的
transaction we should record every transaction n 交易
twofold these rules have a twofold effect. adj 雙重的
yield stock yield n 收益
routine many people don't like to do routine work n 例行 慣例
complex this is a complex sentence adj 複雜的 難懂的
increasingly my work is getting increasingly difficult adv 逐漸的 愈來愈多
aspect there are several important aspects necessary to be a good student. n 方面
dials he dials 104 and asks the information v 撥電話
recognize she had changed so much I didn"t recognize her. v 辦識出 認出
creative I must be a creative man adj 有創造力的
indecisive I am so indecisive adj 不能下定決心的
patient you were very patient to wait half an hour for me adj 有耐心的
treat our boss treats all his employess very well. v 照顧
colony the colony n 殖民地
hive bess sometimes build their hives in trees n 蜂巢
drone drones live very short lives n 雄峰
guard we need brave soliders to guard our country n 保護
nectar nectar is a sweet liquid. n 蜂蜜
force the mother forced her son to eat veagetables v.n 強迫
protrait protrait of a girl in glass n 畫像





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