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Hi, we need a table for two, please. 你好﹐我們有兩位。
May we have a table by the window, please? 請給我們一個靠窗的桌子好嗎﹖
We prefer to sit by the window, please. 我們想坐在靠窗的位子。
Can I take this seat? 我可以坐這個位子嗎?
This table would be great. Thank you. 這個位子很好﹐謝謝。
May I have a menu,please? 請給我菜單。
Do you have a menu in chinese? 是否有中文菜單?
What's your special today? 你們今天有什麼特餐﹖
What kind of dish is the most popular here? 這裡最受歡迎的餐點是什麼呢﹖
I'd like to have some local food.我想嘗試一下當地食物。
I don't like spicy food, could your chef make my dishes mild? 我不喜歡辣的菜﹐可以請廚師在我的餐點不加辣嗎﹖
We need more time to decide what to order. 我們還需要一些時間來決定要點什麼。
Sorry, we still don't have any idea of what to order, do you have any suggestions? 對不起﹐我們還是沒有頭緒﹐你有什麼建議嗎﹖
I would like to have the same as the next table. 我想和隔壁桌一樣的菜
OK, we'll start with two glasses of iced tea, each with ice, please. 請先給我們兩杯冰茶,不要太多冰。
Excuse me, I'd like my coffee warmer. Could you please heat up my coffee little bit? Thank you!.請給我熱一點的咖啡

Do you offer any set courses for party of two? 你們有沒有提供2個人的套餐﹖
Could you give me a fork,please. 請你給我一根叉子。
Could you pass me the salt(pepper)? 請把鹽(楜椒)傳給我。
This is not what I ordered. 這不是我點的食物。
Is soda refillable? 汽水可續杯嗎﹖
Some more water please. 請再幫我加些水。
May we have some more napkins? 可以再給我們一些紙巾嗎﹖
We would like to order some dessert now. 我們現在想點些甜點。
Excuse me, where the restroom is? 麻煩告訴我廁所在哪裡。
We are ready for the bill now. 我們要買單。
Is the gratuity included in the bill? 小費有包括在帳單裡嗎﹖
Are we supposed to leave tips here? 我們需要付小費嗎﹖
Is American Express(visa or master, travelers' check...)
granted /accepted here? 你們收美國運通卡/visa/master/旅行支票嗎﹖
What type of credit cards do you accept? 你們收那種信用卡呢﹖
Thank you for your service. We really enjoyed it. 謝謝你的服務﹐我們這餐吃得很好。

Can you change this into Rupiah? 請將這些外幣兌換成印尼盾?
I’d like some small change? 請將大鈔換成零錢
Can you tell me what the exchange rate for the Euro?可以請問一下現在的歐元匯率是多少?
Can I cash my traveller's checks here? 我可以在這裡換旅行支票嗎?


1.May I ask ,Where is the baggage claim?
2.One of my bags is missing.
3.Where is the gate 13?
4.What is the purpose of your trip?
5.I am here to sight see/visit family /business.
我是來 觀光/ 訪親 / 商業旅遊.
6.How long do you plan on staying in England?

Is there an airport bus to the city? 這裏有從機場去市中心的巴士嗎 ?
Where is the bus stop (taxi stand)? 巴士車站在哪里 ?
How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi? 乘計程車到市中心需要多少錢
Keep the change, please 不用找錢了
Take me to this address, please 請拉我去這個地址
How long does it take to go to the city centre ? 到市中心需要多長時間?
Stop here, please 請停下來。
What time does it leave? 幾點發車?
Where can I get a ticket? 在哪里賣票?
Could you tell me when we get there? 請問幾點能夠到達那裏。
Could you switch on the meter please? 請打開跳表 謝謝. (計程車)


How much is this? How much are these?  這一個多少錢? / 這些多少錢?
it is too expensive. How about a discount? 太貴了,打個折吧?
it is still too expensive. Give me a better discount.
Is this your final price? 不能再便宜了嗎?
Thank you but I'm just looking. 謝謝,可是我只是看看。
Let me look around a little more. 讓我自己看看

What time do you open/close? 你們幾點營業/打烊?
Where can I change money? 我要哪裏換錢?
Where is the cash desk? 收銀檯在那裏?
Is this tax free? 這免稅嗎?
Do you sell cigarette ? 你有賣煙嗎....?
Can I pay by credit card? 我可不可以用信用卡付帳?

May I try this on? Where is the fitting room? 我可以試穿這個嗎?試穿間在那裡?
Do you have this in another color? 這個有別的顏色嗎?
I want this, but in a large size. 我要大一點的
I would like to take this one. 我要買這個。
Please wrap this for me. 請幫我把這個包起來。
I'm looking for a gift for my friend. 我想要找個禮物送給我朋友。


I'd like to book a (single / double / twin) room for three nights, please. 
我想要訂一間(單人/雙人房大床/雙人房二間床)的房間,三個晚上 謝謝.
Do you have any rooms available this weekend?
Could I book a double room for 3 days from 13th...(日期)..to15th(日期).
Hello. How much is a twin room for 1 night please?
Do you have a bus service from the airport? 有飯店的bus在機場接送嗎?
May I know how to get to your hotel from  xxx Airport .
Your booking is confirmed.你的訂房已經生效了。

I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.我會晚一點到達,請保留所預訂的房間。
I'd like a room with a nice view.我想要一間視野好的房間。
I would like to have a morning Call at 7:00 in the morning.
I'd like to order room service, please.我想要叫客房服務。
Please send another blanket/pillow to my room.請再送一條毯子/枕頭到我房間。
Please bring me some ice cubes and water.請送給我一些冰塊和水。
I'd like an extra bed for room 168.我要在168房多加一張床。
When is check out time? 退房的適合時間?

The air-conditioner (T.V. set、light) doesn't work.冷氣(電視、燈)無法開啟。
There's no running hot water in my room.我房間沒有熱水。
The sheets are dirty.床單很髒。
Where is the emergency exit and staircase? 緊急出口和樓梯在那裏?

What time does the dining room open? 餐廳幾點開始營業?
What time can I have breakfast? 早餐幾點開始供應?
Could you keep my valuables? 是否可代為保管貴重物品?
I'd like to check out. My bill, please.我要退房。請給我帳單。
Is there anything interesting to see nearby? 請問一下附近有什麼好迋的嗎?

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