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1. Excuse me. 請原諒.

     2. I'm so sorry. 很抱歉.

     3. I'm awfully sorry. 非常抱歉.

     4. I'm terribly sorry about that. 為此我非常抱歉.

     5. I apologize. 我道歉.

     6. My apologies. 我道歉.

     7. Please forgive me. 請原諒.

     8. I hope you will excuse me. 希望你能原諒我.

     9. It seems I owe you an apology. 好像我該向你道個歉.

     10. You have my sincere apology. 我誠心誠意向你道歉.

     11. Please accept my sincere apology. 請接受我誠心誠意的道歉.

     12. I can't tell you how sorry I am. 我真的是很抱歉.

     13. You cannot believe how sorry I am. 你不知道我感到多麼抱歉.

     14. Words cannot describe how sorry I am. 語言無法描述我對你的歉意.

     15. I just don't know what to say. 我真不知該說什麼好.

     16. I really feel bad about it. 我真的感到很內疚.

     17. I made a mistake. 我弄錯了。

     18. I'm terribly sorry. 實在抱歉。

     19. I must apologize! 我必須道歉!

     20. It's not your fault. 那不是你的錯。

     21. Sorry to bother /have bothered you. 抱歉,打擾一下/打擾你了。

     22. I can't express myself well in English. 我不能用英語很好的表達自己。

     23. I have forgotten everything I learned. 學過的東西我全忘了。

     24. I can't hold on without somebody's assistance. 沒有人幫忙,我就堅持不住了。

     25. I apologize for I am so low. You know my English is poor.


     26. Sorry. I sent wrong message to you. Let's forgive and forget it. 對不起,我發錯了信息。別介意。

     27. I apologize for I am so low. You know my English is poor.


     28. Will you excuse me for a while? It is about 5 minutes.


     29. Please excuse slow typing. 我的打字速度很慢,請多包涵

     30. Sorry about the inconvenience. 對不起添麻煩了.

     31. Sorry to be a bother. 不好意思打擾你.

     32. Sorry to be a pest. 不好意思打擾你.

     33. Sorry to disturb you again. 抱歉, 又來打擾你.

     34. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. 對不起,真不想打擾你.

     35. I'm afraid I've brought you a lot of trouble.恐怕我給你帶來了不少麻煩.




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