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1.Good morning. 早安 
2.Good afternoon. 午安 
3.How old are you? I am (four). 你幾歲了?我四歲 
4.What is your name? My name is (Davy) 你叫什麼名字。我叫Davy
5.See you tomorrow. 明天見 
6.Are you OK? Yes, I am OK. 你好嗎?我很好 
7.Hi, how are you? I am fine, thank you. 嗨~你好嗎?謝謝我很好 
8.Excuse me! 打擾一下! 
9.Bye-bye mum / daddy. 再見媽媽/ 爸爸。 
10.Good-bye 再見。 
11.Excuse me, what is your name? 抱歉!請問你的名字 
12.See you next week. 下周見。 

1.I am sorry. 對不起。 
2.Never mind. 没關係。 

1.At ease! Attention! 稍息!/ 立正! 
2.Stop running! 别跑。 
3.Let’s go. 走吧。 
4.OK,Stop! 好了,停! 
5.Go straight ahead, turn left / right. 
往前走,左轉 / 右轉。 

1.Check it out. 檢查完畢。 
2.I miss my Mummy. 我想媽媽。 
3.I don’t feel very well. 我不舒服。 
4.I was sick yesterday. 我昨天病了。 
5.I’m better today. 我今天好了。 
6.I have a cough. 我咳嗽。 
7.I got headache. 我頭痛。 
8.I got cold. 我發燒了。 
9.My teeth got a pain. 我牙疼。 

1.You are beautiful! 你真漂亮! 
2.You are clever! 你真聰明! 
3.You are good! 你真棒! 
4.Great! / Good! / OK! 好。 
5.Very nice! 非常好! 
6.Happy New Year! 新年快樂! 
7.Happy birthday! 生日快樂! 
8.Merry Christmas! 聖誕快樂! 
9.Thank you very much! 非常感谢你! 
10.Wonderful! 太棒了! 
11.I am the winner! 我是勝利者! 
12.I am the first! 我是第一名! 
13.You are beautiful! 你真漂亮! 
14.You are welcome! 不客氣! 
15.How beautiful! 多美呀! 
16.How funny! 多有趣呀! 
17.Wow! It’s so nice! 哇!太好了。 
18.It’s a nice day! 美好的一天! 
19.Oh, my god / goodness! 哦,我的老天啊! 
20.Wow! It’s so nice / lovely! 哇!太棒了 / 太可爱了! 
21.Nice girl / boy. 好女孩 / 男孩。 
22.You are so sweet. 你非常可爱。 
23.You look very smart. 你看起來很聰明喔。 
24.I wish you a Merry Christmas!祝福你聖誕快樂! 
25.I wish you a Happy New Year!祝福你新年快樂! 
26.Miss Li, you are very beautiful!李老師 你好漂亮喔! 
27.I love you!我愛你! 

1.Are you thirsty? Yes, I am. / No, I am not. 口渴了嗎? 
2.I like fish / beef / lamb. 我喜歡鱼肉 / 牛肉 / 羊肉。 
3.That is delicious apple / banana / orange. 好吃的蘋果 / 香蕉 / 柳橙。 
4.Have some water / tea / milk. 喝一些水 / 茶 / 牛奶。 
5.Help yourself. 別客氣。 
6.What’s for lunch / breakfast / supper? 
中午 / 早晨 / 晚上吃什麼? 
7.Brush your teeth. 刷牙。 
8.Wash your face. 洗臉。 
9.Show me your nose / hands / head. 讓我看看你的鼻子/ 手 / 頭。 
10.I am hungry. 我餓了。 
11.I am full. 我吃飽了。 
12.Have an apple. 有一個蘋果。 
13.I have done my hands. 手洗乾淨了。 
14.I’m the helper. 我是值日生。 
15.I want more rice / vegetable. 我還要一些飯 / 菜。 
16.I spilled my soup. 我把湯打翻了。 
17.There is no tissue paper. 没有餐巾纸了。 
18.I want to go to the toilet. 我想上厕所。 
19.Can I go to toilet? 我能上厕所嗎? 
20.What kind of juice? 哪種口味的果汁? 
21.I like orange-juice. 我喜歡柳橙汁。 

1.Are you tired? Yes, I am tired. / No, I am not. 
你累了嗎?是的,我累了。/ 不,我不累。 
2.Be quite. 安靜。 
3.Let’s go to sleep. / Let’s go to bed. 去睡覺吧。 
4.Get up. 起來。 
5.Wake up. 起床囉。 
6.Here you are. 给你。 
7.Let’s start / begin. 開始吧。 
8.Hand in hand. 手拉手。 
9.Wave your fingers. 動一動你的手指頭。 
10.Touch your stomach. 摸摸你的肚子。 
11.What’s wrong with you? It’s nothing. 你怎麼了?沒事 
12.Where are you going? 你要去哪裡? 
13.You are fat. 你很胖。 
14.You are slow. 你太慢了。 
15.You are fast.你很快。 
16.Don’t talk. 不要說話。 
17.Come here. / Come on. 過來這裡。 
18.Go to there. 去那邊 
19.Listen to me. 聽我說。 
20.Follow me. 跟我來。 
21.Put on your coat. 穿上你的外套。 
22.Wait for me. 等等我。 
23.I am here. 我在這。 
24.I don’t know. 我不知道。 
25.Close your eyes / mouth. 閉上你的眼睛/嘴巴 
26.Open your eyes / mouth. 睜開你的眼睛/打開嘴巴 
27.Close the door. 關門。 
28.Open the door. 開門。 
29.Return to your seat. 請回座位上。 
30.Be careful. 小心。 
31.Hurry up. 快一點。 
32.Look at me. 看着我。 
33.Let me try. 讓我試試看。 
34.Let’s watch TV. 看電視吧。 
35.Hand up. 舉手。 
36.Look, look. 看,看。 
37.Help! Help! 救命!救命! 
38.Don’t worry. 别擔心。 
39.What time is it? 幾點鐘了 
40.Where are you? 你在哪裡? 
41.Relax. 休息。 
42.Come down. 冷静。 
43.Easy! 簡單/放輕鬆! 
44.Watch out! 小心/當心。 
45.Keep quite. 保持安静。 
46.What are you doing? 你在做什麼? 
47.Wait a while. 請等一下。 
48.it’s warm here. 這裡很暖和。 
49.Let’s play together. 我們一起玩。 
50.Let’s dance. 來跳舞吧。 
51.Go ahead. 繼續。 
52.Sing a song. 唱歌。 
53.Come on guys. 過來吧~~男生們。 
54.What’s that? 那是什麼? 
55.Really? 真的? 
56.Hang on for a while. 稍等一會兒。 
57.Enjoy yourself. 玩的愉快/多吃些。 
58.Danger! Keep off! 危險!小心! 
59.Don’t be afraid, it’s safe. 别害怕,這是安全的。 
60.I am busy now, see you later. 我現在很忙 待會兒見 
61.What shall we draw today? 我们今天畫什麼。 
62.I have no paper. 我沒有纸。 
63.I finished. 我完成了。 
64.I can’t see. 我看不見 
65.I can’t write my name. 我不會寫我的名字。 
66.I like toys. 我喜歡玩具。 
67.He’s hitting me!他打我! 
68.He takes my toy / book. 他搶我的玩具/書。 
69.Excuse me. Can you do my shoes? 抱歉~可以幫我穿鞋嗎? 
70.I want to play with Jim. 我想和Jim玩。 
71.Let’s play home game / house. 我們玩辦家家酒吧。 
72.Do I need keep the toys? 要收玩具嗎? 
73.I want to go to playground. 我想去遊樂場玩。 
74.We want to play hide and seek. 我們想玩捉迷藏。 
75.Don’t push me. 别推我。 
76.Teacher, he pushes me. 老師~他推我。 
77.Show me. 给我看。 

1.What time is it? It is (five o’clock). 現在幾點鐘?(五)點了。 
2.What is this? This is a (table) 這是什麼/這是桌子 
3.Sure, no problem. 當然,沒問題。 
4.I bring my VCD. 我帶了VCD 
5.Pick up me early. 早點來接我喔 
6.Is it your book / chair / table? 這是你的書/椅子/桌子嗎 
7.Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. 是的 / 不是 
8.I am happy / angry / sad. 我高興/ 生氣/ 傷心。 
9.I am cold / hot / warm. 我覺得冷 / 熱 / 暖和。 
10.May I come in? Come in please. 我能進來嗎?請進 
11.It’s cold / hot. 天氣冷 / 熱。 
12.Where is my book? It’s here. 我的書在哪裡?在這裡 
13.Who is that? It is me. 是誰呀?是我。 
14.I can sing / dance / fly / jump. 我會唱歌 / 跳舞 / 飛 / 跳 
15.My dear mother / father. 親愛的媽媽 / 爸爸。 
16.I have a book / bird / dog. 我有一本書 / 一隻鳥 / 一隻狗。 
17.Is this a flower / cat / cow? 这是一朵花嗎?/ 一隻貓嗎? / 一頭牛嗎? 
18.I am tall. 我是高的。 
19.I am short. 我是矮的。 
20.I am cool. 我很酷。 
21.It’s a sunny / cloudy day! 晴天 / 陰天。 
22.It’s raining. 下雨了。 
23.Where is the restaurant? 餐廳在哪裡? 
24.How far is the bank / hospital? 銀行 / 醫院離這裡有多遠? 
25.What a mess! 太亂了! 
26.Hello, can I talk with Mr. Davy please? 你好,我能和Davy先生談談嗎? 
27.I need some money to buy a car. 我需要買一輛車的錢


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