An Autumn's Tale is a 1987 Hong Kong-made romantic drama set in New York City starring Chow Yun-fat, Cherie Chung, and Danny Chan. This is Mabel Cheung's second movie as a director after her "migration trilogy."

The movie won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Film,[1] Best Cinematographer (James Hayman and David Chung),[2] Best Screenplay (Alex Law),[3] Chow was nominated three times for Best Actor in the same year, but won with his performance in Prison on Fire. Cherie Chung was nominated for Best Actress and Lowell Lo was nominated for Best Original Score, respectively. The film is listed at #49 on the Hong Kong Film Awards' Best 100 Chinese Films of the Century.


I can't forget the end trailer .........



製片助理Assistant Producer


副導Assistant Director

攝影Camera Operator

攝助First Assistant Camera Operator (Focus Puller); Second Assistant Camera Operator (2AC)

場記Script Supervisor; Continuity Person

場務Set Coordinator 

美術Art Designer

美術助理Assistant Art Designer

燈光師Key Grip

錄音師Production Sound Mixer

收音桿Boom (收音人員Boom Operator)

化妝師Makeup Artist

服裝師Costume Designer

電工 Gaffer

動作(武術)指導Action Choreographer; Action Instructor; Action Director; (Martial Arts) Fight Advisor


公關Publicist (Public Relations)

剪輯人員Film Editor

監製人Executive Producer

音樂師Music supervisor

音效師Sound Designer


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