See you soon,See you later,See you around 有什麼不同?

"See you later" 這是與朋友道別時最常用的英文句. 但中文常被誤會為 "等一下見",其實真正的語句意昧對外國人來說有所不同,先看看常用的英文道別語在英文裡的大多意思

See you soon means "I hope I will see you in a short time.
See you later means " I will see you sometimes in the future but I don't know when that will happen.
See you around means " you won't look out for each other, but probably will sometime meet again. 

所以See you soon就是很快見面,或者等一下見,,而See you later就等於跟Bye Bye差不多層面的意思. 而See you around 就是有機會再見囉.
最後再補上一個 See you then.中文叫到時候見囉.

" Then I will be there tomorrow. See you then." 我明天會到,到時見囉。

所以同學們不要用錯了喔 "See you~"  常用英文才不會忘記. 


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